Michael Fagan

Active Projects

Waste Nothing
Waste Nothing makes it easy to find out how best to use and dispose of unwanted items, by combining information from municipalities, non-profits, residents, etc. Began in 2011 as a demo for Toronto, and expanding to other communities.
We run free public events in Toronto, where anyone can bring clothing to be repaired by volunteers.
Event-Participant Manager
Web-based open source application for coordinating events. Contact me for details.
I use Geni to create and manage my family tree (well, forest). Find me there and see how we’re “related.” I have also done DNA testing using 23andMe.

Inactive Projects

Quizify went through several prototypes of specialized flashcard-like study tools. I still like the idea and may rebuild it better some day.
Zimride is a carpool matching service. Unlike most of the other projects here, this one was not my idea, and I only played a small part in it. It was sold off, with the original company now called Lyft.
Other Waterloo Projects
The Web Clinic was a weekly time for people of all skill levels and experiences to work on their websites and get help from each other. I started it in my last year of school, which wasn’t enough to keep it going long afterwards. Waterloo Geo Stuff is a list of place-related information relevant to the Waterloo area.
I worked on this as part of a winter 2005 internship with A9. OpenSearch is a specification for machine-readable search information, now widely used.
Both a search engine for the University of Waterloo, and an attempt to make a general search application that could be tailored to other uses. Developed mostly from May 2005 to April 2006.
Translation Wizard
A meta-translator. This was a major project and was very feature-rich. Today Google and Microsoft’s translators are good enough to render this unnecessary and the tools used by it largely no longer exist anyhow. Part of Fagan Finder.
Lets you perform actions on a web page, such as finding information about it, finding related sites, etc. Most of the tools it uses no longer exist, so it needs a major update to be useful. Part of Fagan Finder.
Speed Browse
The first non-search tool on Fagan Finder, it allows you to provide a list of websites you frequently visit, and then visit them in order in an efficient manner. While you’re reading one site, the next one loads. With the advent of newsreaders and faster internet connections, I no longer use it as my own home page, but it remains very useful for some.
Fagan Finder
Search and other web tools and information about web searching. Began in 2000 as my personal home page, open to the public in 2001, and active until 2003. I still make some updates every few years.
The Futurama Icon Page
My first substantial website, 1998 to 1999. Long abandoned.