more from the Evening Standard: The DIY lunch break

Page 17 features an article about Cook, Eat, and Run. Basically, during your lunch break, you visit their kitchen, learn how to cook a meal, and eat it, all in around an hour. I believe we can design solutions that are parsimonous, win-win-win, etc., and I think this is a great one. It accomplishes:

  • people get out and have a real break for lunch
  • people are eating fresh food
  • people learn how to cook new things. nobody knows how to cook anything any more, and this is a big problem.
  • the hosting company makes money
  • you get to meet new people, and shared participation is the best way to really meet people properly, in my opinion.

In other words, brilliant. I believe there is room for a whole host of other similar ideas, such as perhaps workplaces hiring a chef once a week to organize everyone into making lunch in the company’s kitchen, for instance.

And people call me crazy when they see me slicing meat and vegetables at my desk. But nobody questions how great my sandwiches are 😉

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