The Format of Puzzlepieces

For most posts on Puzzlepieces, I try to be very brief, with short comments, and provide lots of useful links for anyone interested in more information. Actually, this policy has fallen apart somewhat; I’m lazy. For those using newer browsers, you will also see tw after most links. These are both for further information. The t link takes you to a page on Technorati that shows other blogs that link to that same link. The w link takes you to a page on Waypath, that shows you blog posts that are related to that link. This is another way to find what other bloggers are saying.

What’s with the Colour-Coded Cateogries?

Each post is assigned to some category, and each category has a different colour. On the right side of the main page, you’ll see a list of the categories with a checkbox beside them. By checking the boxes, you can choose which categories to view. If, for example, you don’t know me, you may not want to read about my uninteresting life. Almost all posts fit into the “news” and “fun” categories anyway. Some posts are fit into none or several categories, so I just pick the best one. All categories are checked on by default, except for “foo.” To unravel the mystery of each category, hold your cursor over the category labels on the main page.

Why is this Blog Called Puzzlepieces?

Each post is sort-of a piece of a puzzle. The puzzle is either of me or the world. I dunno, it made sense when I came up with it. I was trying to come up with something unique, and I think I’ve done that.

Who Writes this Blog, and How Can I Send Feedback?

I do. My name is Michael Fagan, and I live in Ontario, Canada. I am an undergraduate student in the Science and Business program at the University of Waterloo. I had my first real website in 1998-99. Today I write this blog and work on Fagan Finder, a (very useful!) website for searching and doing research online.
To contact me, send an e-mail to

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