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Joint Declaration by Canada and France

Back in 2008 I wrote about Hossein Derakhshan’s arrest in Iran. It’s been about six years since I met him in person. He sat in prison for about two years without charges and a few months ago was sentenced to … Continue reading

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Toronto Election Polls

Following up a bit on my recent post, it seems I’m one of the data points in the latest Nanos Research poll (PDF). While my vote is still undecided, the one thing I do know is that my least-desired choice … Continue reading

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Toronto Elections 2010

I’ve been largely ignoring all news about the Toronto mayoral election until it suddenly dawned upon me that I can vote this time, given my recent move back to Toronto. Better get informed… Election website is here. The date is … Continue reading

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On being laid off from Microsoft

So I got laid off from Microsoft on Wednesday. I wasn’t really bothered about the job, as I wasn’t happy with it already and had been looking to find something else for quite a while. The unfortunate part is that … Continue reading

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Canadian Asbestos Exports

So I already knew that despite asbestos being banned in Canada (among many other places), we still export it to countries with poor health and safety regulations, which I find pretty horific. I was watching a CBC news segment on … Continue reading

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WhiteHouse.gov’s New Robots.txt

WhiteHouse.gov’s New Robots.txt – geeky, but this perfectly symbolizes the differences between the two administrations

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Waterloo, Part 4: Keeping Up

A lot of people have asked how it is I keep up with everything going on at UW. My response is that actually I only keep up with less than one percent of what goes on, and doing so actually … Continue reading

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Waterloo, Part 3: Geo Stuff

Okay, so I am cheating a bit here. Rather than writing a new post, I’m linking to a page on my wiki where I have been collecting links for several years already: mfagan wiki / waterloo geo stuff. Back when … Continue reading

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Right to Quiet Society – Home Page

Right to Quiet Society – Home Page – listening to Sounds Like Canada this morning and they were talking about sound pollution, something that bugs me infinitely. The link goes to a website they mentioned, for what may be the … Continue reading

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Waterloo, Part 2: The Tech Scene

Waterloo loves thinking of itself as some sort of Canadian version of Silicon Valley. To do this it usually starts off with the University of Waterloo and the several large technology companies, and then makes the lists bigger by adding … Continue reading

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