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Google Maps API

Google Maps API – finally, and thank goodness. I haven’t looked at the API yet, hopefully it still leaves a place for Mikel’s fantastic worldKit. Via Google Blog. Update later June 29: also today, the Yahoo! Maps Web Service. All … Continue reading

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Sprog! – okay, so I don’t know perl, but looking at this makes me wonder why it didn’t exist years ago. Via popular.

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wheel reinventing

argggh! brought about by watching the channel9 video on Microsoft and RSS, but it’s a general comment, not directed at microsoft

Tagged , , | Comments Off on wheel reinventing – the corporation watch search engine. I had the idea to build this website a couple of years ago. I’m glad someone finally did. At least I think so, haven’t really explored it yet. Via popular.

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World Processor

World Processor – incredible gallery of around 200 ‘globes’, each with a different geopolitical theme. Via The Map Room.

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quadspot � waterloo

quadspot � waterloo – looks like there’s now a craigslist clone for my university. finally, this is basically what I’ve been wanting and hoping someone would do. the website seems to have a ton of school sites, but it all … Continue reading

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Burning Questions – The Official FeedBurner Weblog: Ciao, FeedBurner

Burning Questions – The Official FeedBurner Weblog: Ciao, FeedBurner – now this is a company that is doing things right. points go to anyone who can explain why this is a good business move

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Zits (June 8 2005) – I’m fighting this Update June 17: – following links from my ‘zits’ tag to Flickr photos, I see someone else posted the exact same comic. how ’bout that

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this is why I’ve been sweating

quick graph (of June so far) made from data by the UW Weather Station. the numbers are in degrees celcius.

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This isn’t even a rumour, just speculation. it occurred to me that Navteq is probably on Google’s radar for possible acquisition.

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