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I’m in Wikipedia?

By an odd coincidence today is the first day I looked at the Michael Fagan article on Wikipedia… and apparently several hours ago someone added me to it. Checking the user’s IP address through IP2Location lets me know the user … Continue reading

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The Elements of Meaningful XHTML

The Elements of Meaningful XHTML – excellent presentation by Tantek. Which I suppose is why I didn’t see him at Tag Tuesday.

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IEBlog : Hello from LA!

IEBlog : Hello from LA! – placeholder until tomorrow when I comment on this

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Google Hurricane Katrina Resources

Google Hurricane Katrina Resources – anyone want to explain to me why rel=”nofollow” is used on those links?

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New job, site launch

Tomorrow is my first day interning at Got back to California Friday and now have a vague general idea of the layout of Menlo Park and Palo Alto. I don’t really know yet what I’ll be working on there. … Continue reading

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Kiko Calendar Beta

Kiko Calendar Beta – well, it’s definitely beta, but when they add a couple of things, it may just be the app I’ve been hoping someone would make for quite a long time now. we’ll see…

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