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Tantek’s Thoughts – Building Things

Tantek’s Thoughts – Building Things – I have no idea what Tantek has been working on, but congratulations on the imminent launch and being so dedicated to something. I can’t wait to see it.

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Aharef: Websites as graphs

Aharef: Websites as graphs – neat visualization. Via Tufte

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UW Priorities

UW Priorities – my schools’ Daily Bulletin from yesterday notes the priorities for the upcoming year: graduate expansion space income diversification international recruiting expanding professional program capacity strengthening industrial partnerships Now, I complain a lot about the school’s priorities but … Continue reading

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Hidden Passages in your home

Another gem heard on CBC radio: Creative Home Enginnering. having a hard time thinking up tags for this post…

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Useful sites for Torontonians

Listening to CBC Radio (Toronto) at work (ironically in Redmond, not Toronto) and an interview mentioned two neat sites. TTC Rider has lots (and lots) of useful information about the subway system, such as which car to get on so … Continue reading

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MapCruncher turns static images into tiles suitable for use with Microsoft Virtual Earth (Windows Live Local), and presumably other tile-based mapping applications too. Very neat and useful, the existing hacks I’d seen to handle this on Google’s map API were … Continue reading

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TechCrunch » Rumor: Yahoo Acquired Jotspot

TechCrunch » Rumor: Yahoo Acquired Jotspot – I don’t usually report on breaking news rumours but this one is very interesting, because Jotspot is such an amazing company/product.

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