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Banana Protection

I’ve been a happy user of several Banana Guards since I got some twoish years ago, although apparently they have a new version out. Via Digg yesterday I see that there’s another contender, Banana Bunker. My first thought was that … Continue reading

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Bloglines unread=0

My practice in the past when going through my newsreader quicky, was to “keep as new” any item which was interesting and required me to give more thought to than I could at the time. When I went through last … Continue reading

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Catching up

So aside from the work of moving to another host, etc. I’ve also been catching up on some other things. I reduced my unread emails in gmail from about 880 to zero (woohoo) during the course of three or four … Continue reading

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Puzzlepieces lives!

So for all of you (~2 people) who complained that Puzzlepieces was dead, I’m happy to say it is back and doing well. During this between-semesters holiday I’ve finally gotten myself a new host, and have (almost) successfully moved all … Continue reading

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