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Whew – I’m back

It obviously took me a lot longer to get around to fixing this blog up than I intended, but I’ve finally done it. Now running the latest version of WordPress, without all the hacks of my really old version. I … Continue reading

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back online

It seems this blog was down, perhaps for a few days or so. Fixed now, it required a tweak in the .htaccess file… no idea why, perhaps Dreamhost changed something with mod_security.

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where are you reading this?

so I think I have semi-solved my question of where to post things. now everything I tag with “forfb” on this blog will also show up as a note on Facebook. That way I can post things on one, the … Continue reading

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Puzzlepieces down again?

argh. I noticed today that my blog appeared to be completely down, in the sense that all the pages were blank.. hmn… the WordPress admin interface still worked… Took me about a half our to track down the problem, which … Continue reading

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blog maintenance

Doing some blog maintenance.. I’ve fixed some .htaccess problems affecting my old (old) blog. I got rid of my outdated and static blogroll, replacing it with one that pulls from Bloglines. I’m also finally trying out MyBlogLog, so we’ll see … Continue reading

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Puzzlepieces – so I think I’ve successfully moved this blog over to it’s new home… everything should look the same. I believe the post IDs have not changed, which is what should happen… except that it’s not because I’ve done … Continue reading

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Puzzlepieces lives!

So for all of you (~2 people) who complained that Puzzlepieces was dead, I’m happy to say it is back and doing well. During this between-semesters holiday I’ve finally gotten myself a new host, and have (almost) successfully moved all … Continue reading

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this is a category-free zone

I’ve got my blog using tags instead of categories! Continue reading

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Test post

My first post in WordPress. I can’t believe this worked, and I can’t believe it was so easy.

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