This is the third iteration of this blog. Versions one and two were titled “Puzzlepieces,” as having a cool blog name seemed like a good idea when I started it. Version one and two also had fancy (well, fancier) designs of my own making, whereas the current version displays my laziness.

Version 2 Colophon:

This blog is powered by WordPress, which is written in PHP, which is running on Apache. mod_rewrite is used to make the URLs nice and pretty.

I have modified the WordPress code itself, in addition to modifying the plugins that I use; currently Jeremy’s Keywords for tagging and PictPress for photos.

The website should/will validate as XHTML Transitional, or maybe even Strict. The CSS should validate as CSS2.

What about the old Puzzlepieces?

Puzzlepieces originally started on Blogger in October, 2002, as my first personal blog (I had previously written one about search engines). I knew even when I started it that I would eventually move to a more sophisticated software package, and I finally have (WordPress). I made the decision to not import all the old Blogger entries, preferring to start from a clean slate. All those entries are still available, however. Here is the October 2002 archive page, and you can navigate to other dates from there.