Catching up

So aside from the work of moving to another host, etc. I’ve also been catching up on some other things. I reduced my unread emails in gmail from about 880 to zero (woohoo) during the course of three or four days. “Fortunately” my old Hotmail account is continously deleted due to my lack of using it, so I didn’t reply to an emails from before May 2004. I’ve also gotten my draft emails and my “marked as new” items in Bloglines down to zero.

That feels good.

So, to continue with my trend of finally dealing with things, there are a couple of people I’ve been meaning to mention. Firstly, my sincere apologies to Tara Calishain, one of few blogs that I have been reading continuously since I started reading blogs. In 2004 Tara sent me a free copy of her excellent book, Web Search Garage, and I completely failed to give it a proper write-up here on Puzzlepieces. I’m sure she’s got another book up her sleeve, and I’ll be the first one to buy it.

And speaking of books, I wanted to thank Richard MacManus, who gave me a prize for my lame comment on his blog about how Atom isn’t an acronym.

I also wanted to apologize to Gary Price, who publishes ResourceShelf and Docuticker while he sleeps, on his way to give a presentation. Back in my Feedster days, I said that I would make Docuticker a feed-of-the-day, and I never got around to it. It certainly deserved it though.

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