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My practice in the past when going through my newsreader quicky, was to “keep as new” any item which was interesting and required me to give more thought to than I could at the time.

When I went through last week and finally caught up on these, it seemed like Jon Udell’s posts were about 1/3 of these. Considering my 230+ subscriptions, that’s pretty significant, but not surprising. Jon is one of my favourite bloggers, not afraid to tackle wide-ranging ideas, and putting into clear language what is often a blur inside my head. I only subscribe to about three podcasts, and Jon’s is one of them. So, congratulations on your new job at Microsoft.

Jon’s also been extremely important in screencasting and my interest in it. I can’t believe that I first planned on creating some in early 2005 and I still haven’t gotten around to it. Actually, that sounds exactly like me… anyhow I will learn how to create them soon.

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