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more from the Evening Standard: The DIY lunch break

Page 17 features an article about Cook, Eat, and Run. Basically, during your lunch break, you visit their kitchen, learn how to cook a meal, and eat it, all in around an hour. I believe we can design solutions that … Continue reading

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Banana Protection

I’ve been a happy user of several Banana Guards since I got some twoish years ago, although apparently they have a new version out. Via Digg yesterday I see that there’s another contender, Banana Bunker. My first thought was that … Continue reading

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‘Farm market’ opening this week

‘Farm market’ opening this week Student enthusiasts have teamed up with Food Services to create the UW Farm Market, which will open for the first time this Wednesday, selling local produce as well as other products from the area, brought … Continue reading

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I like sushi

I’m trying not to buy food (both because I’ve spent a lot lately, and since I’m leaving San Francisco I don’t want more food than I can eat), but I ended up getting some sushi anyway. Since it was so … Continue reading

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lunch at the office

Me, about to enjoy my sandwhiches while watching an episode of Yes, Prime Minister. 13-Apr-05 13:36:35

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