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Google Hurricane Katrina Resources

Google Hurricane Katrina Resources – anyone want to explain to me why rel=”nofollow” is used on those links?

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Google Maps API

Google Maps API – finally, and thank goodness. I haven’t looked at the API yet, hopefully it still leaves a place for Mikel’s fantastic worldKit. Via Google Blog. Update later June 29: also today, the Yahoo! Maps Web Service. All … Continue reading

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This isn’t even a rumour, just speculation. it occurred to me that Navteq is probably on Google’s radar for possible acquisition.

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google says yes to map hacking

Ever singe people started hacking on Google maps (and since I’ve intended to when I get the time) I’ve been waiting for an official statement from Google. Well this isn’t exactly that, but it’s pretty close. Google Blog: Bird view.

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Craigslist housing+google maps

this is exactly what I’m talking about. Well, thinking, anyway.

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