keeping tracks of books read

So for the past few months I have been keeping track of the books I finished reading. Just a text file with ISBNs and dates. I finally got around to deciding how to expose that online, the choices being to publish it myself or use another website. I was looking for a well-done site that allowed import and export, and hopefully a site that was fairly large already so that it wasn’t likely to die, and if it had social aspects it could take advantage of the numbers. Turns out there are tons of sites, but I decided to only look at the two biggest, LibraryThing and Shelfari, both that I had known of, and both at least partially owned by Amazon now. I decided to go with LibraryThing, because it seems like a much more serious and powerful tool, and the attitude of the company (which does not get along with the other) was much more favourable. You can see my profile here. There is a limit of 200 books listed for free, but considering my pathetic rate of reading right now, that won’t be an issue for a long time, at which point I probably won’t be using LibraryThing anyhow. One minor point is that I think LibraryThing thinks I actually own all these books (I own none of them), whereas Shelfari had options for that.

Actually I added the LibraryThing profile link to my home page, but at some point I am going to redo that home page to be more dynamic and actually show information directly on that page via Fireeagle, Google Calendar, and Friendfeed, at least.

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