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tall trees; narrow path

This is the only photo in this set that I modified before posting. I increased the brightness a fair bit, and the contrast a little. I like the sort of perspective it shows. All the Presidio trees seemd quite tall. … Continue reading

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bowed trees

17-Apr-05 18:08:03

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Bay Area Ridge Trail

This photo is from shortly after I left the road (Washington Boulevard) and went onto the trail. You can see it on this map; the exact location of the photo is roughly between the north part of the Presidio Golf … Continue reading

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red-leaved tress along the path

I tried to make sure I walked along street that I hadn’t walked on before, which led me to this complex, and other very nice looking streets. Probably somewhere between Civic Center and Japantown. 17-Apr-05 16:05:04

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Nature on the left, big city on the right

View along the path I’m about to take, going up the last hill before the road before the top of Twin Peaks. 9-Apr-05 15:12:18

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