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These Come From Trees Blog

These Come From Trees Blog – what a great idea. Via Seth Godin.

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tall trees; narrow path

This is the only photo in this set that I modified before posting. I increased the brightness a fair bit, and the contrast a little. I like the sort of perspective it shows. All the Presidio trees seemd quite tall. … Continue reading

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looking towards the tree-tops

I’ve taken more than one photo that looks a lot like this. But I like it. 17-Apr-05 18:13:41

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tree-climbing vines

Quite a lot of the trees were very covered in these leafy vines. 17-Apr-05 18:12:01

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looking from the trail to the golf course

Just a little off of the trail and you can see the golf course just to the south of it. 17-Apr-05 18:10:39

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bowed trees

17-Apr-05 18:08:03

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Bay Area Ridge Trail

This photo is from shortly after I left the road (Washington Boulevard) and went onto the trail. You can see it on this map; the exact location of the photo is roughly between the north part of the Presidio Golf … Continue reading

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red-leaved tress along the path

I tried to make sure I walked along street that I hadn’t walked on before, which led me to this complex, and other very nice looking streets. Probably somewhere between Civic Center and Japantown. 17-Apr-05 16:05:04

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cone-shaped tree

Quite large, too. Also in Jefferson Squre, very close to the previous photo. 17-Apr-05 15:40:53

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gnarled and leafless

I discovered this park by accident, but decided to make a little detour to walk through it. You’re looking at the very eastern edge of it. Looking at a map now, I’m guessing it is Jefferson Square. 17-Apr-05 15:36:42

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