yahoo site searching syntax

Here’s a summary of what I’ve learned when restricting Yahoo! search to specific websites.

  • always use brackets

    prevents errors, especially with boolean. not really necessary in this example, but nevertheless: (search terms) (

  • use capitals for boolean OR

  • specify field names always

    Use OR not site:( OR

  • how to specify paths

    to specify a website that isn’t a (sub)domain use inurl:folder/folder2 for the website

    One problem is that if you are specifying a domain name and a website with a path, results for the latter will be ranked higher, because they match both site: and inurl:. To compensate for that, you could use a different method: inurl:example_com/folder/folder2. Note the use of the underscore instead of a dot for the last (and only the last) dot in the domain name. Also, in rare circumstances, this will find pages that are not in, but have those terms in the URL somewhere.

  • specifying multiple folders in a site (inurl:folder OR inurl:folder2)
    inurl:example_com/folder OR inurl:example_com/folder2

  • specifying multiple sites with paths

    this can be derived from previous points, but here goes: OR ( inurl:folder) or more advanced: OR OR ( (inurl:folder OR inurl:folder2 OR inurl:folder3))

  • Use OR for multiple exclusion

    NOT ( OR

  • putting it all together

    (search terms) ( OR ( inurl:folder)) NOT ( OR ( inurl:somefolder)) not that this is restricting to two websites (one with a path) but excluding sites from that first website in a specific subdomain or folder

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