coComment – clear conversation in the blogosphere

coComment – clear conversation in the blogosphere – once upon a time I kept a sideblog of all the comments I made on other blogs. I and others postulated on how it could be done in a more automatic way, perhaps similar to trackback or something. My thought at the time was that we could comment with a FOAF file (which would also eliminate typing in name, email and url), which would include a url for the blog system to ping.

Of course, the easier thing to do to get this started is something centralized, which is what coComment is. Of course, unless I’m mistaken (barely read the docs), this means that coComment gets to keep all the data, also making them (to some extent) a single point of failure for the entire system.

Will it take on? Personally I wish it would, followed by a move to a distributed system, but I’m pessimistic that it will. Of course, I could be wrong.

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