Google in Waterloo

So I attended Google’s event (party?) on campus today. Not really what I expected, it was essentially an event to meet Google employees and ask them questions, and there was a little talk by Roger Skubowius (of Reqwireless, now Google), then Craig Nevill-Manning of Google New York.

Quite a few people there, as expected, not to mention one or two tv crews. It was essentially a showing-and-planting-the-flag event, with few details. The former Reqwireless people were there as well as two from the Toronto office (mostly AdWords stuff), a couple from Mountain View, and several very recent hires for the new Waterloo office.

I did hear (from Google employees) that they want to expand the Waterloo office with engineers as fast as they can. It seems that wherever they are now is probably a somewhat temporary location. I’m not sure where that is, but it is in Waterloo and not in the Research and Technology Park on the north end of campus (where OpenText and others are).

Not too much to say really. The food was good, especially the giant Google cake. Maybe when I get home I’ll post some photos. Updatephotos here.

Update: notes elsewhere from Adrian Dewhurst, Girl Mathie, SunShine, Dmitry, and Imprint.

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3 Responses to Google in Waterloo

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks for posting. Did they say if they’re hiring coops soon, or any details about future recruiting?

  2. Andrew says:

    Wow… I couldn’t help look around your blog a bit. You definately have an awesome coop job… is definately an exciting place to be. And I’ve also used your uwhub search engine before. Great to see a fellow UW student doing so well!

  3. mfagan says:

    Honestly, they really didn’t give any details. Google *does* hire UW co-ops in Mountain View every semester, and I’d be very surprised if they didn’t have some in Waterloo by the fall semester.

    Thanks for the compliments. To clarify, btw, was my last co-op, not my next one, although it is definitely a really great place to work. And glad you like UWhub :-). Good luck with your current/next coop.

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