She’s back!

The web is a funny place. I’ve never even met Danny Ayers in person, but I feel quite relieved that his cat Sparql has been found.

and if you know what sparql is, then my readership has certainly shifted to the techier – or maybe I crossed that road a long time ago…

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4 Responses to She’s back!

  1. Mattt says:

    Why would not tech people read this site? For the nature pics? Rofl.

  2. mfagan says:

    tech is not boolean… I said tech*ier*

    do *you* know what sparql is?

  3. Mattt says:

    There’s a difference between tech and full of useless knowledge nobody cares about.

    (nice save, Matt!)

  4. mfagan says:

    yes. excellent save right there

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