Image Search Engines || Fagan Finder

Image Search Engines || Fagan Finder – virtually all of Fagan Finder has stagnated since 2005 (if not 2002/2003), and I definitely do not have the time to give it the upgrade it deserves. Anyhow, so I decided to update the image search page… taking out all the dead links, etc., and putting in some newer stuff. You’d be surprised how long that takes, even though I didn’t bother adding descriptions for the new additions like I used to.

The image search page has been among the most popular pages on Fagan Finder since it was created in May 2003, and I often get requests for people who want to advertise on the page. So now I have updated it (first time since June 2003), added an ad spot (right now it shows Google Adsense 50% of the time and Adbrite 50% of the time, but I’m still playing with that. For the latter, I have it set that I must approve all ads.

Somehow, despite removing dead and crummy websites, it has gone from 42 search tools and 42 external links to 65 search tools and 42 external links. The page is seriously getting crowded. Anyhow, let me know if you find any bugs or if I’m missing anything.

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