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Google Webmaster Tools – Webmaster Tools – this will now show you all links that Google knows of to your own pages.

Some things I noticed

  • there is a lot of spam, especially search result pages and wikipedia clones
  • Google’s indexing multiple versions of wiki pages on

So I was looking at the stats for Fagan Finder; it’s always nice to see new data, and I’ve never been very good at keeping track of it all myself. According to Google, 64% of the links are to the Translation Wizard. In second place is my article on RSS at 13%, and URLinfo at 8%. 98% of links to the Translation Wizard are websites using the translate this page feature. I had to play with the data in Excel to arrive at this.

Clearly there’s a power law going on here. And this is yet another confirmation that the Translation Wizard was a huge winner, and since it is largely broken now, seriously needs an update. I just do not have the time. Ideas, anyone?

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  1. Hmm, we’ll take a look at this.


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