BarCamp / BarCampWaterloo

BarCamp / BarCampWaterloo – went to the third BarCampWaterloo today, it was pretty cool. It’s always neat being able to talk to people without first mentally determining how to explain it, where you can throw out words like microformats and OpenID without getting confused looks.

This time there was actually food (thanks to Tech Capital Partners), which improved matters greatly. Turnout was small to begin with (hmn, Saturday morning), but overall was not bad, with a record two females. It would have been nice if more people had presented, but it wasn’t hugely deficient, and I got to learn about ham preservation.

I showed off my Quizify tool (no link, it’s still not quite ready), and it seems like people liked it. Larry liveblogged some of the event, and in the crowd photo, I’m just too far to the right side to be in the shot 😉

I’ll miss the next BarCampWaterloo (I’ll be in Seattle), but hopefully can present or at least attend the one next fall. Thanks to Jesse for putting all this together.

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