Sprite Sips on Facebook

frequent blog posts on the same topic? how odd of me

Anyhow since there’s an infinity now written about the Facebook advertising stuff that I talked about in my previous post, I need to of course correct all those misinformed people 😉 . As I said, Facebook is doing a great job with this new stuff. One lame thing that they did, which is something that I see happen with all these companies that start going big, is that they got a small number of big players (the short head, if you will) on board so that they can feel all special about it. So these lame companies go into this with lame ideas (if Coke’s plan isn’t the stupidest idea ever…). None of that matters. They might get smarter, or they might not (hardly possible). More importantly, the non-huge players (fine, fine, the long tail) are what will actually make this work. It may take a while to get there, but it will certainly happen.

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