Waterloo, Part 4: Keeping Up

A lot of people have asked how it is I keep up with everything going on at UW. My response is that actually I only keep up with less than one percent of what goes on, and doing so actually takes a fair effort.

I get my information several ways. People telling me, looking at posters on campus (sadly, lots of things are only available in this form), and many online sources. Most of these I won’t be reading much longer. My list is of coursed biased towards my interests and my program.

From the web, I get a lot in my newsreader, a few things through my calendar program, a number of things through email newsletters, and an increasing number of things through Facebook groups. In that order,

Sites in my newsreader at the moment (I have added and removed many over the last five years), grouped but not specifically ordered.

general UW news

tech stuff and tech people

waterloo-area stuff

other people, misc

Calendars (note links are directly to icalendar files)

mailing lists

Facebook Groups; some of these are essentially inactive, others send frequent mail




environment, volunteer, etc

entertainment, misc

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2 Responses to Waterloo, Part 4: Keeping Up

  1. Mattt says:

    Wow… a lot of people are even more interested in irrelevant information than you are.

  2. Chris says:

    Holy moley this is a pretty long list. Maybe double the size of the one I was using…

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