LendAround – I got an email from LendAround, who saw my earlier comments on borrowing websites and gave me an invite to the beta site. Like many of the other applications out there, they are only used for a dedicated good (in this case, DVDs), but the site is quite well done (autocomplete in data entry, good design, facebook integration), and according to them, will expand beyond DVDs eventually. Once they’ve expanded to allowing goods of any sort I’ll give them a real try-out.

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  1. Tim Jackson says:

    Michael, that’s really interesting.

    What our prelaunch research showed is a couple of things:

    1. People are much more comfortable lending and borrowing with people they know. That’s why LendAround lets you designate a friends list who can see your stuff, and add and remove people at will. It’s really important to make people feel they’re ‘allowed’ to say no.

    2. (Maybe contradictorily) People also want to see a good range of stuff when they first check out the site, or they won’t bother to take part. Users are already responding really positively to LendAround because they can see it as a useful service right now in a single product category, rather something that may be useful in the future for everything and anything.

    So the conclusion is, don’t wait: if, like us, you’re keen to encourage people to start opening up their property and sharing it with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, then the best thing to do is get them to make a start with DVDs — and join LendAround!

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