Joint Declaration by Canada and France

Back in 2008 I wrote about Hossein Derakhshan’s arrest in Iran. It’s been about six years since I met him in person. He sat in prison for about two years without charges and a few months ago was sentenced to another twenty years. I don’t need to go into how ridiculous that is, you can see that blog post and search the web for more info.

What I should have been writing more about is Canada’s deplorable non-response to the arrest of a Canadian citizen. The Joint Declaration by Canada and France announced today looks to be by far the largest acknowledgement and complaint from the Canadian government. Sadly, this is how it goes in my head, and I suspect, in reality:

A lot of people have been pushing us to say something about this tragedy, so we’re going to make a public statement asking for Hossein’s release.
I just realize Canada’s hardly said anything about this. Better talk to them.
To Canada: What’s the deal? You’re not supporting your own citizen?
We have no power in the world and we’re wusses that would rather not offend Iran. Because, um…. terrorism! We’ll open ourselves more to attacks that way.
To themselves: even if they don’t buy that, the’ll probably pretend that they did.
So anyway, don’t say anything ‘cause people will know we’re wusses.
Um, well we’re gonna make the statement anyway. Either us by ourselves or you could make the statement with us. We have this thing called principals.
F***. I guess we’ll make a joint statement.
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