Waste Nothing

Long time no blog, I know.

Some time ago I put Quizify on hold to work on a new project. I like Quizify, but I wanted to do something more important, something that can make a difference to the environment. I’ve been working on Waste Nothing, which is a long-term project for me. It’s a simple service where you can look up what to do with anything you no longer want, from orange peel to old books to makeup and more. In fact, you can try it out right here:

The main reason that I haven’t mentioned it before is that much of the data is location-specific and might not apply to everyone reading this. Thanks to Toronto’s Open Data initiative, I have brought in Toronto data as a demonstration and am now looking for other cities and organizations to partner with; to bring in their data and make it available to their residents.

If you find it useful and want the service available where you live, let me know.

Waste Nothing is built on Ruby on Rails, which I had been putting off learning but am now very glad that I have. Waste Nothing may never have gotten this far without it.

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