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Toronto Election Polls

Following up a bit on my recent post, it seems I’m one of the data points in the latest Nanos Research poll (PDF). While my vote is still undecided, the one thing I do know is that my least-desired choice … Continue reading

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Toronto Elections 2010

I’ve been largely ignoring all news about the Toronto mayoral election until it suddenly dawned upon me that I can vote this time, given my recent move back to Toronto. Better get informed… Election website is here. The date is … Continue reading

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Canadian Election Analysis: Urban vs Rural

Talking about the urban-vs-rural divide in Canada and the US with my roommate yesterday; today I realized I could actually demonstrate it. I scraped data from two websites: CBC and Elections Canada, since the latter doesn’t yet have election results. … Continue reading

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Vote Selector Quiz

I never do quizes. And political party ones are innaccurate, of course. nevertheless Jack Layton Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada (100%) Paul Martin Leader of Liberal Party of Canada, Prime Minister of Canada (88%) Gilles Duceppe Leader … Continue reading

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canadian political parties converge

NDP talking about tax cuts… Conservatives talking about child care…. so all the parties are going to win over voters from the other parties by being more like them… that’s a good plan, right? since there are three main parties… … Continue reading

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