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Facebook | Home

Facebook | Home – looks like they’ve added iCalendar exports of individual events and all of your events. Nice. This is new, unless I’m mistaken. Naturally, there’s no mention on the Facebook blog.

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pc4media: Compiled 2006 Predictions

pc4media: Compiled 2006 Predictions – I haven’t even finished reading it – but Peter’s “predictions” beat everyone else’s a thousand times over.

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Yahoo! buys Upcoming.org

This is a very significant move. Need I say more? Events and calendaring are gearing up to be huge. Does this deal have anything to do with the Google Calendar rumours? Via Software Only.

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Join the Revolution

Join the Revolution – okay I planned on blogging this infinity ago (that’s internet time for you). Peter Caputa’s Whizspark is making a bold move. If you’re into running or promoting events – take a look.

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