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There is no XML without namespaces

Yes, this makes two blog posts today, and yes, I’m going to talk about XML again. I’ve suspected this for a while, but hadn’t looked into it. Thanks to Sam Ruby, I see that someone has: Who knows an XML … Continue reading

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FeedBurner is cool, but…

FeedBurner offers a very attractive service, and their new FeedFlare is just one part of that. But please, FeedBurner… when a user changes some settings, record the time of that change and only allow that change to affect new items. … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with MSN’s RSS search

News from Luigi about RSS search from MSN leads me to think MSN Search knows what they’re doing. Or not. They are putting RSS/Atom search integrated right in with their web search. This is good. But… they’re displaying RSS feeds … Continue reading

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