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Comparing NLP APIs for Entity Extraction

Update: a number have people have pointed out some small errors and some additional APIs that I should look at. See my half-hearted followup: Entity Extraction APIs, once again. As part of a project I’m working on (more on that … Continue reading

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Why Facebook Shouldn’t Fear OpenSocial

Why Facebook Shouldn’t Fear OpenSocial – I’m supposed to be studying, so of course it’s a good time to do some blogging. Anyhow, I agree with Josh that the idea that the competition now being Facebook vs OpenSocial is silly. … Continue reading

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Popfly – I heard about this first though email, but it’s all over the web as well. Microsoft has done an amazing job of making it really easy to combine web services, and I only hope that the output itself … Continue reading

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iSpecies.org is a mashup for a specific discipline, which is where it’s at ;-). Not too much to speak of yet, but it’s a good start. How about adding Wikipedia data? Via Tara.

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