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Quizlet › The End of Flashcards – so this is interesting. I’ve been working a bit on a new project of mine called Quizify, and I was hoping to blog about it for the first time when I get a couple of crucial features done. So today, via del.icio.us, I find out about Quizlet, which has both a similar name (well, fair enough), and to some extent, a similar purpose and methodology.

I definitely think Quizify is and will be sufficiently different from Quizlet, but one thing in particular is that they’ve built out a whole bunch of infrastructure pieces that I haven’t done yet, but have planned or at least thought of, such as a system for sharing these quizes. So I think that having discovered this website, I will probably very slightly alter my course, but overall I’m still committed to the same basic plan. The question is, can I get the quizes built with Quizlet to work with Quizify? It will certainly work the other way ’round.

Wow. Upon closer inspection they have an import mechanism identical to plans that I had and rejected. Their export mechanism is to save it as a file, so that means import into Quizify will be available but not seemless. Very interesting… especially, I’m sure, for those of you who I haven’t spoken to about Quizify and wonder what the heck I’m talking about…

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4 Responses to Quizlet › The End of Flashcards

  1. Mattt says:

    Please.. please don’t tell me your “big secret project” that you have gone on and on about for a year is just that lame.. I mean awesome… quiz app you’ve been “working” on forever. If so, I am truly disappointed.

    In other news, the creator of “Quizlet” is even less imaginative than you when it comes to naming things. I’d have gone with something like 3tQuiz… 😉

  2. mfagan says:

    no, this is a different project, I only decided to do this one during exams last semester.

  3. Mattt says:

    Oh, okay. You’ve just managed to delay a total loss of respect by another day!

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