thoughts on lip balm

In early 2005 I paid $0.99 USD before tax for a regular Walgreens-brand Chap-Aid stick. I haven’t seen it in a couple of months, and with my lips extremely dry, I caved in and bought some ChapStick yesterday. Only the brand-name stuff, and only strawberry available, which I settled for.

Mentioning it to a friend, he was surprised that I’d kept my previous one so long. It would seem that people always lose them before finishing them. Sounds like a problem to me. A twist-tie and small piece of duct tape later, I have my solution:

keychain with lip balm

Before I risk a new venture, I took the prudent step of doing due diligence. Apparently it’s not quite new. Ah well, I still like mine.

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4 Responses to thoughts on lip balm

  1. Mattt says:

    You are seriously trying so hard to keep the stereotype alive.

  2. mfagan says:

    yeah yeah yeah. although in this case I’m not even sure which one you mean

  3. mfagan says:

    so of course I come home for reading week and find my original Chap-Aid. yay/argh

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