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I don’t do enough product endorsement on this blog. Of course, most of that is due to the fact that there are very few products I’m willing to endorse.

Anyhow, for sandwich containers the best I have so far found is Tupperware Sandwich Keepers. Link goes to Amazon since Tupperware’s own site lacks permalinks. Most so called “sandwich containers” are neither the right size nor shape. This one is both, and no more, as sandwich + container have a negligible difference in both mass and volume from sandwich alone.

One of my original ones did get a broken hinge, but they will replace that and it seems to have been a random case.

On the downside, they seem to only be available in one colour now, without paying more for fancy cartoons on it, which makes it slightly less useful when preparing sandwiches for multiple people. Interestingly, Tupperware’s Australian site does have permalinks for sandwich keepers where they are available in different colours.

I also took this opportunity to add this to ProductWiki, a site built by my friend Omar in Waterloo. Then I was going to mark it up in hreview when it occurred to me that ProductWiki probably did that already. Turns out it doesn’t, so get to it Omar. I did at least add rev=”review” though.

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  1. simon says:

    Stop peddling your bisphenol-a wares, good sir. estrogen agonists ftl 🙁

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