PHD Comics: Seminar Appeal

PHD Comics: Seminar Appeal – heh so true. I’m glad a friend got me on to PHD last year.

On a related topic, I had a hard time deciding where to blog this. I used to use my own blog for everything, but for the last while I use notes on Facebook for things that are more pertinent to my friends than to everyone else. This one is tricky though, as now none of my friends will see this, since few subscribe to my general blog…

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3 Responses to PHD Comics: Seminar Appeal

  1. Gary Will says:

    You could just use Facebook Notes to import your blog posts as notes … post once, share everywhere.

  2. mfagan says:

    I could but that creates several problems

    One is that they are essentially two blogs for two topics. most of the people on my Facebook list are personal friends, not exactly interested in all the tech stuff I write about.

    Another is that this will lead to comment splitting, where comments to a post may appear in two different places. Facebook is importing stuff, not just displaying it.

  3. mfagan says:

    also the fact that you replied to this means things are bleeding into each other a bit, as there are now a couple of Waterloo people who read this…

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