Unveiling Museum station

Unveiling [the Toronto TTC] Museum station – everyone may not like Joe Clark, but the world needs more people like him. People who care enough about the public good to do quality work on their own time for it, when fighting a very uphill battle.

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4 Responses to Unveiling Museum station

  1. Terrill says:

    I was just in Toronto last Sunday and they still had the covers on everything. Darn. A few days later and I would have got off and took a gander.

  2. mfagan says:

    heh. did you actually read the link, Terrill? :-p

  3. Terrill says:

    I’ve read about this before. Doesn’t change the fact I would still like to see it.

    This guy is just flaming. If it was presented as a visual argument then maybe people would take him seriously.

    It would take about 3 hours to ride the subway and snap photos (ensuring you have a reference for scale in each). Then about a day to document it all in nice form.

    This argument should not be made with words.

  4. mfagan says:

    I agree it wouldn’t take that long to photograph everything, but I’m not sure I see what that has to do with it.

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