URLinfo gets plaigarized

URLinfo beta || Fagan Finder – URLinfo is a tool I built years ago. It was first called “Site Specific” when I put it up on on October 1, 2001 (see a November cache), finally rebranding it as URLinfo during August 2004. I last updated it on October 2004, which unfortunately means that although an excellent tool in theory, it needs some updates to be as useful once again.

URLinfo isn’t totally unique, I have seen a variety of other tools do something similar (such as Firefox extensions), but nothing as comprehensive, or done in exactly the same way.

Anyhow, today, via del.icio.us popular I find http://url-info.appspot.com/ . I’m not linking to it, because I don’t think they deserve that. Now, URLinfo is a name someone else could come up with themselves. Even with the same spelling. Even for a similar tool. Of course, the fact that the actual text of their home page is partly copied off of my URLinfo’s homepage pretty much eliminates the coincidence aspect. Not to mention their equally prominent mention of bookmarlets, although of course they aren’t as cool as mine 😉

If this was a site by another name, and without blatanly copying mine, I would say “nice effort” and bookmark it. So, loyal readers (all two of you)… what should I do?

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4 Responses to URLinfo gets plaigarized

  1. Mattt says:

    As a loyal reader of this highly regarded and widely read blog, I am personally outraged and vow to link to this article on my own blog, as well as submit it to digg, reddit, and every other link collection site I can find. We must show this anonymous thief that stealing other people’s ideas will not be tolerated! Come, my brothers of the blogosphere, let us find an email address and spam it for a day until they feel the full force of internet justice!

  2. Tiffany says:

    i’m sure there are more than two of us, although you *did* send me this link yourself. but i would have seen it eventually =)

    anyway, why don’t you request a takedown notice from google? #1 on their ‘prohibited content’ list is copyright infrigement.

    or if you want to be less jerky, send them a note requesting credit. and probably at least put a copyright (or creative commons, or whatever) notice on faganfinder.

  3. Marc says:

    I’m sorry !

    I’m open to correct that, add a link, change the name…

    It’s just a FREE test of Google App (without advertising). My goal was to provide a tool, useful and free.

    I will correct it.
    Please accept my apologies.

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