On being laid off from Microsoft

So I got laid off from Microsoft on Wednesday. I wasn’t really bothered about the job, as I wasn’t happy with it already and had been looking to find something else for quite a while. The unfortunate part is that it affects my immigration status and so I can’t stay that long right now in the US, where many of my friends are. But I had been planning on returning to Toronto within a year or so anyhow.

The Details

Since a lot of people have asked me, here are all the details I’ve got. There have been three rounds of layoffs at Microsoft this year (this is supposedly the last). I knew people who had been laid off in both prior rounds. In those cases they were all relatively new employees, but that is partly the bias of me being friends with people my own age. In those rounds we also lost several members of my team.

My manager found out on Monday, and I was told on Wednesday. I’d figured it out earlier on Wednesday due to the odd nature of the meeting invitation. Anyhow that was Wednesday and by end of today I will be fully out having taken my stuff from my office and returned all work property. Various things like my work e-mail and building access ended on Thursday or today. As to why I was chosen, I presume it is a combination of having low seniority (been at Microsoft a bit over a year) and my record (my annual review wasn’t stellar, long story), although I didn’t ask and I’m not really interested.

What Now?

I’ve got a couple of weeks that I can stay around Seattle to look for employment, otherwise I’ll head home to Toronto. Even then, if I find a job in Seattle it will be much easier to return that it was for me to get here to begin with.

That’s pretty much it. I’m not really sure that I want a job at all right now (whether in the Seattle area, Toronto area, or otherwise), but for the time being I’m considering all options. If you’re really that eager to hire me or have something else in mind, let me know.

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