Well, I’ve updated the ‘ol resume. And my actual resume spells it properly. I can’t reference the old one as apparently I set it to not be indexed by search engines.

Basically I updated all the information, restructured things a bit, reworded a bit, and removed the section on “soft skills” (e.g. communication and team skills, etc.). Having that section always seemed odd. Of course the resume itself seems odd… distilling myself into a list of concrete things certainly makes me look far more boring than I’d like to think I actually am. I feel like just a five-minute conversation would be far more useful than the resume, but then again nobody has the time, which is the whole point.

I made some slight tweaks to the styles and added some light hResume (already used hCard). It’s pretty basic, as I prefer to have it work with or without CSS, without javascript, and print black-and-white onto one regular sheet of paper.

Anyhow I’ve been massively overwhelmed by support since the layoff. Fortunately little things like this don’t bug me much 🙂

As an aside, it looks like I’m in good company, Don Dodge was laid off as well.

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  1. maurice f says:

    Love to read your stuff,always entertaining

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