Announcing Quizify

Back in early 2005 I hacked up a quick web app to help me study for the Arthropod Zoology course I was taking in university. It helped me so much that in 2006 I decided to remake it in a non-ugly and usable way and I demoed it at BarCampWaterloo in 2007.

There it rested, my “current” yet abandoned project until around September 2009 when my friend Ben began to refactor all the code.

Lately I’ve had the time to work on it more seriously. I’ve moved it to and it is now ready for the general public.

Functionality today is fairly simple but quite useful, at least in my opinion :-). Input a URL that includes a definition list (as in a <dl> in HTML) and it creates a flashcard-like quiz with the data.

I plan to continue improving it, but in the meantime, feedback is welcome. Oh, and the NLP APIs I was blogging about recently was related to this project, but for a feature that won’t be ready for some time.

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