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Via Alf, I learn that apparently delicious has long supported lookup by domain and path, not just absolute URL.

I took a look through all the bookmarks of my old website, Fagan Finder, and it turned up a few interesting things. The most popular page, with some commentary:

  1. URLinfo (688). This makes sense because it is (well, was) a useful tool for web developers, bloggers, etc., the typical audience of delicious, however it is definitely not one of the most popular pages by the site’s own statistics.
  2. All About RSS (568), with bookmarks spread over 34 different URLs. Aside from the bookmarks to specific sections of the page, this shows the results of moving the URL by changing the file extension, although I did use a 301 redirect. This page is no longer one of the popular pages in terms of traffic.
  3. Google Ultimate Interface (377). Aside from the oddity of this not-that-useful page being so popular, what’s interesting is that a long time ago I created a second version that failed to work in Mozilla, so I had it redirect to the old version for those users which I thought (at the time) would be rare… yet there are almost 6 times as many bookmarks for the Mozilla/Firefox version.
  4. Image Search Engines (322) – finally we come to a page that is actually popular among the general public; it’s also the only page on my old site that I updated “recently”
  5. Translation Wizard (201) – sadly this hardly works any more but I loved the idea and spent an insane amount of time to build this

Another thing I noticed is that a tool I’d once built but never referred to anywhere, and could only be found by going to a tag page on this blog and clicking “more” in the sidebar somewhere somehow has 10 bookmarks.

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