Updating the ‘ol homepage

Although I’ve made tweaks, I had never redone my personal home page, faganm.com, until  now. Nothing major, but it wasn’t very pretty or that well organized, and as it’s effectively “my face on the web,” it needed a bit better than that.

It’s still a very simple page; in fact I actually removed most of what had been there, without adding anything other than including my most recent project in the list of projects. Like the old version, the page is marked up with hCard, not that I expect it to be all that useful. No Javascript is used, because there’s nothing that warrants it. It’s a bit more readable on both desktop and mobile devices.

In some ways having a personal home page almost seems quaint, but I can’t imagine not having one. I cringe a bit when I see people use a page on a service controlled by someone else (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

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